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Affirmator Lists

Display Random Messages
Checking this box will select a random affirmation to play from the currently selected list.
Play All Lists
When checked, the player will cycle through the available lists.
Available Lists
A list of Affirmation Lists which have been added to your configuration.
There are multiple ways to work on your lists.
Set Active
Sets the selected Affirmation List to be played.
The Player will start at the first message in the list unless Random is selected on the General preferences page.
If the Player is displaying a message when you click the button, the list will change when the display closes.
Opens a display to choose a file from the file system.
Remove the selected Affirmation List from the Available Lists display.
This does not delete the list from your system.
Up and Down buttons
Use these to change the order of the lists.
Create and Edit Buttons
Create a new list or edit the selected list.
Restore Defaults
Sets the Current Affirmation List to the default list.
Turns off Play All Lists.
Removes all the lists from the Available lists.
The changes are not stored until you select Apply or OK!
Save the changes on this page only.
Save the changes on all pages and close the window.
Discard the changes on all pages and close the window.