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Affirmator List Editor

Two modes are available. Standard Mode allows you to quickly add new affirmations. Advanced Mode allows you to set custom attributes for each affirmation.
To create new messages, use the menu, shortcut bar, or keyboard shortcut to add new rows to the table. Then double click in the table cells you want to edit.
Menu Bar
Save, Save As, and Exit options. Make sure you save changes before exiting.
Add or Remove the selected Affirmation from the table.
Change between Standard and Advanced Modes. Advanced Mode shows more editing choices.
Shortcut Bar
Contains Save, Add, and Delete shortcuts.
Table Area
Selected rows will be displayed when the list is set as the active list.
The message can be on multiple lines. The player will break the message into lines to fit onto the background image or you can add your own line breaks.
Note: Multiple line messages may appear on one line when the table cell is not selected.
If you message is too big to fit into the background, not all of it will show. You may need to adjust the default background size.
To retrieve messages from a server, enter a URL here and whatever is at that location will be displayed as text.
Display Time
How long to display the image. A space will use the default and display as -1.
Where on the screen to display the image. It can be adjusted using the X and Y offsets. Note that offsets for the center location are ignored. A blank will use the default.
X Offset
How far from the left or right screen edge to locate the affirmation. Left locations are moved to the right. Right locations are moved to the left.
Y Offset
How far from the top or bottom screen edge to locate the affirmation. Top locations are moved down. Bottom locations are moved up.
Text Location
Where on the background image the message is displayed.
The font and color of the text.
Select an image to use as background for this Affirmation. Leave blank to use the default.
Resize the background to this width. If that's wider than the screen, it will be reduced to the screen size.
Resize the background to this height. If C. P. is checked, this value may be adjusted to keep the proportions of the original image.
Constrain Proportion. Keep the same width and height proportion as the original image. Use the width as guide. (Height value is ignored)
This value is only used if the Width or Height value has been changed.