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Affirmator Default Settings Help

Use these setting to set the default values for all affirmation lists. You can customize most of the settings by using the advanced view of the Affirmation List Editor.
Display Interval
The amount of time to wait before displaying the next affirmation.
Display Time
The amount of time the affirmation is displayed. If you click on the affirmation, it closes immediately.
Display Location
Where on the screen to display the affirmation. It can be adjusted using the X and Y offsets. Note that offsets for the center location are ignored.
X Offset
How far from the left or right screen edge to locate the affirmation. Left locations are moved to the right. Right locations are moved to the left.
Y Offset
How far from the top or bottom screen edge to locate the affirmation. Top locations are moved down. Bottom locations are moved up.
Allow Messages From Remote(HTTP) Locations
Check to allow affirmations to be retrieved from a web server.
Text Location
Where on the background image the message is displayed.
Text Font
Choose the font for the Affirmation text.
Show Background
Show a background for the Affirmation text. You can choose an image to show for all affirmations, choose individual images on the List Editor screen, or just use the default.
Background Image File
All messages will use this image as background. Leave blank to use the default.
If Use Directory Of Images As Background is checked, this file is not used.
Image Width and Image Height
Background images will be resized to these dimensions.
Constrain Proportions
If an image needs to be resized to meet the above dimensions, when this is checked, the Height will be adjusted to keep the same proportion as the original image proportions.
Use Directory Of Images As Background
The images in this directory will be shown as background for the Affirmations.
This directory overrides the Background Image File selection. However, individual Affirmations can override this setting.
Background Image Directory
The player cycles through the files in the chosen directory.
Only images files will be shown, other files are ignored.
Restore Defaults
Sets the Display Interval to 1 minute.
Sets the Display Location to Bottom Right
Sets the X and Y Offsets to 65
Sets the Text Location to Center.
Turns Display Random Messages Off.
The changes are not stored until you select Apply or OK!
If you have multiple monitors, you will be given a choice of which monitor to display Affirmations on.
Note: This option is not displayed if you do not have multiple monitors.
Save the changes on this page only.
Save the changes on all pages and close the window.
Discard the changes on all pages and close the window.