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About The Program

Affirmator was inspired by a story in Norman Vincent Peale's book "The Power of Positive Thinking". In the story, Peale describes a man who had a "wonderful plan" to change how he viewed his life. The man was a travelling salesman and spent a lot of time driving his car. He carried around a pack of small cards with bible verses written on them, which he clipped to his dashboard so he could see them as he drove and commit them to memory.

Well, I sit at my desk with computer screens in front of me for many hours a day. I have a bunch of programs that pop up messages when they want to get my attention. And they do. When an email comes in or a friend logs on, I glance at it. So, why not display my own messages and use my favorite pictures as the background?

About The Company

CoverCo is a Micro ISV.

An ISV is an Independent Software Vendor and a Micro ISV has just one person. So, if you need something, let me know.